Excel Tips – Invest 30 Minutes Today and Save Hours in the Days to Come

Are you aware of the huge amount of time you waste daily due to manual and repetitive tasks in Excel?

The fact is that every Excel User needs to do the dirty job before preparing the data for analysis, reporting, etc.

Here are some examples of frustrating but necessary tasks…

  • Delete blank rows in a table
  • Write already-entered-entries again
  • Formatting cells again and again with the same format
  • Drop down cell handle to copy formulas
  • Separate content in a same cell
  • And more…

Saving time does not mean you won’t do those tasks, the key is doing them faster, with less keystrokes.

These dirty tasks may be done quicker if you use shortcuts and tips.

There is another fact, not all users face these tasks the same way, some users continue repeating the long version of doing things for a long time, while others hurry to find the shorter route.

I particularly renounce almost immediately to do things the longest way.

I invest time in finding the way to do it. I don’t do anything at the beginning, just research. Once I find the tip then I go ahead. For example, I invest 30 minutes but save hours in the same day and in the days to come.

On what side are you?

I encourage you to use Excel Tips, of course you already use them but I mean improving your toolbox.

The more tips you know, the more resourceful you become, this means you do things in less time and with comfort.

Use your energy to do what brings you more benefits: analyzing and presenting data.

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Why tips are so powerful?

A tip does not require significant effort to learn and give you a boost in your productivity in some way.

  • Additionally, an Excel Tip is perceived to be the quickest/unique way to do a thing.
  • Save time by performing a given action in less time (less keystrokes, less manual work, etc)
  • Help you connect gaps that open doors to more knowledge
  • Grow your enthusiast for Excel so you keep more productive (action causes inspiration)
  • Reuse the knowledge you already possess in different ways
  • Learn a Tip in a flash and get results immediately in your work
  • Get instant reward because its instant application nature
  • Perform an action you didn’t imagine possible
  • Reuse Tips along time in all circumstances


Learn a relevant Excel tip today, maybe a formula tip, a formatting tip, a Pivot Table tip and experience an immediate impact in your productivity.

Tips are digestible and for immediate use.

Use your time to focus on analyzing and reporting instead of struggling in dirty tasks.

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