"Deadline-Beating Blueprints Trusted by Intermediate and Advanced Excel Users"

The Essential Library Of Excel Macros For Busy Professionals

35 students


An Excel library of 160+ done-for-you macros to do the most common Excel work

Learning goals

In this program you will discover:

Module 1 – How to move data between cells, sheets, and workbooks

  • How to copy data from one range to another sheet
  • How to copy data to a new workbook and save it
  • And much more!

Module 2 – How to write formulas in cells and ranges

  • How to write a COUNT formula
  • How to write a SUMIF formula
  • How to write a SUM formula
  • How to copy formulas down to the last row
  • And much more!

Module 3 – How to merge cells, sheets, books, etc.

  • How to merge two cells that match certain criteria
  • How to merge many sheets
  • How to merge books in a folder
  • And much more!

Module 4 – How to open, save and export workbooks and sheets

  • How to save a book with a different name
  • How to close all open books
  • How to open the books in a folder
  • How to send the active sheet as pdf by email
  • How to save with a custom stamped name

Module 5 – How to do Vlookups

  • How to write a Vlookup formula in Excel
  • How to use the power of Vlookup inside a macro (without writing any formula)
  • How to write an Index & Match
  • And much more!

Module 6 – How to print

  • How to print the books in a folder
  • How to print the selected sheets
  • How to print a range of pages of the active sheet
  • And much more!

Module 7 – How to create and set up PivotTables

  • How to create a PivotTable from scratch
  • How to rename the PivotTable totals
  • And much more!

Module 8 – How to create and set up charts

  • How to create a line chart
  • How to create a pie chart
  • How to set the chart title
  • How to set the chart axes
  • And much more!

Module 9 – How to format cells and ranges

  • How to set the cell font styling
  • How to set the range borders
  • How to merge and unmerge cells
  • How to set the cells number formatting
  • And much more!

Module 10 – How to loop (how to iterate through cells, books, charts, PivotTables, etc)

  • How to loop through the cells of a column
  • How to loop through the cells of a row
  • How to loop through books, charts, etc
  • How to loop through PivotTables
  • How to loop through PivotTable fields and items
  • And much more!

Module 11 – How to work with cells and ranges

  • How to hide columns, rows, etc
  • How to write variable values to cells
  • How to store a cell value in a variable
  • And much more!

Module 12 – How to get information about cells and ranges

  • How to store a range in an object
  • How to find the last used row
  • How to get the size of a range
  • How to enter to the next occupied cell
  • And much more!

Module 13 – How to create and set up UserForms

  • How to create a User form
  • How to add the most common controls (text boxes, command buttons, etc.) to user forms
  • How to send user form data to the last row of the active sheet
  • How to send user form data to the last row of any given sheet
  • And much more…

Module 14 – How to connect Excel with Access

  • How to import an Access table/query into the current sheet
  • How to open Access from Excel
  • And much more…

Module 15 – How to work with directories and files

  • How to get the path of workbooks and files
  • How to create a filesystem object that allows you accessing to any directory using VBA
  • How to create a file on a folder
  • And much more…

Module 16 – How to work with tables

  • How to convert a range into table
  • How to filter a field
  • How to format a table
  • How to remove duplicates
  • How to add and remove rows and columns
  • How to clear contents
  • And much more…

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3 thoughts on “The Essential Library Of Excel Macros For Busy Professionals”

  1. Is there any VBA template for sending a pre-configured email to a list of people with respective PDF files attached? I use Mail-Merge by compaosing an email body on Word and send it out by merging a list of email addresses in Excel (CSV file). However, I don’t know how to attach respective PDF files to each email. The file name of each PDF file (like invoices) is different sp each email address has to correspond with a specific PDF file name.

    • Jeffrey look at Power Automate to do this. I haven’t used it myself so can’t help further sorry.
      I’ve just seen posts in the MS User Group along those lines.

      • Hi,

        I will upload the new email macros module that includes Jeffrey macros and much more.

        Will post the link here when the module goes live.


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