Who Else Wants To Think Like An Excel Guru And Bring Excel To Its Knees?

20-year Excel veteran reveals his most guarded secrets that can make you a guru almost overnight!

Hi, I am John Franco…

Most wannabe Excel gurus ignore what gets in their way to taking their Excel to the next level.

What blocks serious students is Excel itself…

…and the reason is simple.

They get new information without changing their paradigms first. You cannot function at a higher level if you keep your old thinking running your mind.

If you want to change the way you think about Excel spreadsheets and how you feel about it and take your Excel skills to the next level, then this free guide is for you.

In this practical guide, you will discover insider secrets most Excel wannabe experts out there never get is such as:

  • The 3 Non-Excel ways of thinking that will double your Excel dashboards, VBA and formulas knowledge, creativity and effectiveness. And get DETAILED instructions for following these 3 principles
  • Why thinking like a farmer will double your knowledge, productivity and effectiveness
  • Why watching Excel Youtube how-to tutorials alone won’t make you a guru…and what to focus on instead
  • What are the 3 entrepreneurial attitudes that will set you apart from the crowd of average Excel users and will empower you to learn new things faster and face bigger and more complex projects 
  • An entrepreneur 4-step blueprint that will help you develop dashboards, macros, and formulas, with effectiveness and confidence
  • A software developer 5-step blueprint that you can follow to develop macros, dashboards, megaformulas, and any other Excel project
  • …and much more…

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